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Gunung di Bawah Laut, Video Gunung Berapi Bawah Laut. Volcano Under the Sea - This is the mystery of a volcano. Eitts, this is not the title of the movie mak yah enclosed. Volcano mystery here is the news on Merapi mountain underwater discovery in Indonesian waters. Public back digegerkan by the discovery of volcanoes under the sea by the Indonesian scientific expedition was held by the United States together with scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) under the auspices of U.S. Department of Commerce.

Earlier in the middle of the year 2009, have also found an underwater mountain trim Bengkulu, Sumatra Island. This time it was found also in the West Kawio, Kawio Islands, North Sulawesi. Mount Merapi is located underwater at a depth of 18 000 feet.

Really unusual conditions exist only in Indonesia, I am not sure know. But clearly this indicates that there is indeed a major force in the vicinity of human life, and man must believe it. If you think this happened by accident, please see for yourself why a rational, hihiih.

As we know, there was indeed a mountain under the sea. And it was known as Mount Sea.

"According to a translation free from wikipedia, Sea Sea Mount or Mountain is a mountain that rises from the seabed that is not to rise until the water surface (sea level), and thus is not also an island. Commonly found formed from volcanic formation process and appear at depths ranging from 1000-4000 meters from the depths of the ocean floor. At least there are as many as 30,000 sea mountains which are spread throughout the world, and only a few that have been studied. "

But what about when the mountain erupted ocean or a volcano called? we can imagine how terrible when Mount Merapi erupted underwater. Billah Naudzu deh ... :)

For more details about the discovery of an underwater volcano in northern Sumatra that you can see the video below:

Video Gunung Berapi Bawah Laut

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